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Posted on 1st April 2020 in News, Help & Tips

Going dark – a story of productivity

There seems to be two expectations in the modern information/digital working age: 1) Be productive 2) Be available 100% of the time for instant response. As you're probably aware, the two don’t sit well together... Read more

Posted on 19th March 2017 in Help & Tips, Planning

Posted on 25th March 2016 in Help & Tips, Technical

Posted on 5th February 2016 in Help & Tips, Planning, Windows, Web

Posted on 5th January 2016 in Help & Tips, Windows

Email Viruses - tips on how to avoid

Receiving a malicious email with a virus attached (or a link that leads to a virus) is one of the most common ways of getting infected. Unfortunately spammers/malicious senders are getting smarter and emails can often look genuine.... Read more

Posted on 15th May 2015 in Help & Tips, Windows

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