District Heating Top Up Locations (SHEAP)

We were pleased to work with Shetland Heat Energy & Power (SHEAP) to develop a "middleware" software solution that extends the life of an existing standalone POS top-up system to make it multi-location, plus adds other benefits.

As a result, the Sound Service Station now also has a facility to top up customer district heating cards (in addition to Bolts Mini Mart), with additional sites now possible.


  • A background application monitors an existing standalone POS application and transfers/injects data into it securely to simulate multi-location
  • SHEAP can now add customers and pair cards at their office (previously was on-site only), which are rolled out to locations
  • Additional invoicing automation (Sage) and statistical reporting was built to capitalise on the POS data, which automates certain admin operations that were once timely

Posted on 10th January 2020 in Case Study

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