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Bod Ayre Seaweed Products Website

The scope here was not to create a new website, but to work with the existing one and implement a variety of small but positive enhancements to add to the visitors' initial impression and experience. This can be best seen from before and after screenshots below (click to enlarge).

Some of the work carried out:

  • Before:
    Bod Ayre website before
  • After:
    Bod Ayre website after
  • Collage to clearly show product at source to results, putting the customer's photography to good use
  • Tidied up and enhanced imagery - sharpened, brightened, improved cropping
  • Logos tidied up, fonts and spacing improved, footer with social network links added
  • Prioritised information giving certain areas more impact (such as adding As Seen on TV heading)
  • Google analytics added with goals to really analyse the online shop and user activity, and monitor the effectiveness of internet marketing campaigns
  • Training on how to produce and delivery effective mailshots
  • Moved onto an improved E-commerce platform later, with news, blog, international ordering and currency, replaced PayPal with SagePay (more cost effective), wishlists, reviews, emailed order updates, cross selling and more
  • This contributed to giving the website a better first impression, and the vendor better visibility of traffic on the website

Link: Böd Ayre website


Working closely with the client we came with several design ideas for Seaweed edibles, but finally decided on this one.

Seaweed Sprinkle Design Seaweed Sprinkle Packaging

Posted on 26th September 2013 in Case Study

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