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Next year we'll be releasing our stock control system named StockEase, which has been in production for most of this year and incorporates some great ideas from customers and ourselves to offer a powerful, flexible, yet easy-to-use system that covers retail point of sales (POS) and stores/warehouse activities.

Update Nov 2017: we've been carefully testing with several clients and are underway with Phase 2, which we'll look to complete before we start wider resale and marketing in 2018.

Our mission with StockEase is:

To strive towards meticulously accurate stock and billing, including job and staff time billing, in the simplest way possible.

StockEase, with support for Microsoft Surface

StockEase has a heavy emphasis on back office functionality and administrative efficiency. It is suitable for any retail or environment that sells stock or utilises it for jobs, including engineering, warehouses or more industrial settings. It will encompass touch screen Point of Sales (POS) and till based technology with credit card machine support, incorporating customer displays and receipt printers for busier sales environments.

We've went into a lot of detail to solve common issues that perhaps other systems shy away from, working very closely in the field in stores environments, listening to customer needs, and incorporating them using modern features and technology such as tablet support. In very busy sales environments it's easy to lose track of orders or what should be billed, but this system is designed to keep staff on top at all times.

The product also goes beyond a stock system and caters for jobs and staff timesheets where needed. It makes sense to closely interlink these with stock, because jobs also use stock, and billing also involves staff time as well as stock, with both invoiced together. This allows for a fully rounded and all inclusive system for invoice production that will cover most business needs.

Features at a glance (more to be added...)

  • Purchasing - Solving common issues
    • Drips and drabs of orders being received? No problem. The system nicely colour codes purchase order statuses. It can flag up when something should have been due, can handle partial orders received and keeps the order alive until fully received.
    • Deliveries are handled each time they come in, with stock levels received recorded on each delivery (part or full), with full staff activity history trail for accountability.
    • Scan and include all correspondence such as delivery notes and invoices against orders (paperless). Easy to find. Associate certain paperwork, such as freight invoices, with one or more orders.
    • Reorder stock fast in a couple of clicks based on re-order levels when it gets low.
    • Detailed reservation system which allows all or part of an order to be reserved for one or more customers, with the ability to raise sales order at any stage, whether the order has been fully received or not (part sales orders). Reservations can be altered or removed at any stage.
    • Detailed stock location system, that allows for multiple locations (isles, shelves), and covers van stock, temporary holding areas, and internal consumables
  • Sales Orders
    • Easy to create and simple to follow.
    • Intelligent markup calculation. Margins tight? You can pass on supplier discounts and react almost in real-time when defining prices using our pricing rules functionality.
  • Staff Features

    • Extensive security levels depending and login mechanism
    • Hide sensitive information instantly, such as cost prices,when a customer is looking over your shoulder, or disable viewing of them completely for some staff members
    • Staff can work through to-do style action lists, with any item (Sales, Order, Purchase Order, Job) having the ability to be assigned to and from other staff members with an "an action by date" to ensure good workflow and efficient progression between departments.
  • Manufacturing
    • If you purchase raw ingredients or materials to make resellable products, the system keeps track of those items and adjusts their levels as you create the items.
  • Picking lists - temporary allocate stock for jobs and return it if not needed. Convert to a sales order with the parts you did use.
  • Multi-location support - stores in more than one location, or even in vans? No problem.
  • Jobs - create jobs, which encompass time and stock sales.
  • Timesheets - clever timesheets with cross referencing to ensure billable time is what it should be for staff on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. On the roadmap is a mobile app for Windows, Android and Apple platforms so staff can record time on the move which feeds back into the system.
  • Tablet Support (we recommend Microsoft Surface®) - we've made the application fully touch friendly with an easy to use colour coded layout, offering the following advantages.
    • Take photos directly on the webcam of the tablet and catalogue stock easily on the move. Walk around stock isles and add items quickly using the webcam and a barcode scanner. Photos bring the system to life, and help non-technical staff familiarise themselves with stock.
    • Build up sales orders on the go. You can walk around with customers, scan items to add (or remove) and build up an order on the go before heading back to the counter to take fast credit card payment (or take the credit card machine with you too!). This can offer great time savings.
    • Stock taking made easy. Using the tablet on the move you can barcode scan, pull up records, and adjust stock. Very easy.
    • Enquiries made easy. If a customer wants to know if an item is available in another size/colour? Lead time if out of stock? No problem. Any staff member can scan the barcode of item or search for it to pull up product details and see what variations are available as well as supplier lead times. No more running back to sales counters!
  • Sage Integration - Purchase Orders and Invoices are automatically generated in Sage. We have a lot of experience integrating with Sage, and this is done in a controlled and user friendly way. The system minimises time spent inside of Sage, producing most invoices you need including part invoices so that staff just need to post them to the ledger and print/email.
  • Customisation - As in all our products, we allow some great customisation options.
    • You have full control over any template / system in the system, be it a Purchase Order, Sales Order, Timesheet or Till Receipt. Using Microsoft Word you can simply adapt the document and add placeholders such as {FirstName} {Surname} where text is to be placed. It's that simple. This allows you to add logos and easily customise all correspondence, formatting it exactly. We bundle the product with a set of templates which are easily adaptable. From the Sales Orders part, you can also have templates that also cover delivery notes,quotes and invoices.
  • Import your old system - We can offer bespoke work to import an old stock system into our platform to save potentially weeks building it catalogues again.
  • Customer enhancements - Ideas are incorporated during the product involvement. But if customers come up with an off-the-wall idea that's only suitable for themselves, we offer Custom Customer Modules. With these, a range of options can appear in addition to standard functionality.

Roadmap (Phase II)

  • E-commerce website that links directly to the a stock system, allowing stocked to be viewed, sold online, or deposits made to reserve items. Show stock levels / available stock only and/or all stock lines with photos from system. Customers can determine what you have available from the comfort of their home/office.
    • Amazon/Ebay integration
  • Job & Timesheet mobile applications for Windows, Android and Apple.
    • Staff can view their assigned jobs for the day (or week/month) and add time spent on the job and stock against them.
    • Start/stop time on a job or log time afterwards during breaks or at end of the day. This information transferred back to base when the mobile has a signal. This information is collated onto Sales Orders to produce invoices.
    • Help reduce missing billable activity and stock that has been used on jobs but not account for. Also reduce the need to chase staff for time sheets and reduce steps to invoice.
  • Hire items - as well as jobs and stock, it makes sense to include hire items, including plant hire. We aim to do this in an upcoming phase to so that all billable activity can be incorporated. We will also look to factor in maintenance activities to hire items, spanning notifications and internal jobs.
  • Bill Of Quantities and Quotes - create bill of quantity templates to reference stock and job roles for specific or similar projects that are likely to repeat. Measurement information from drawing or plans can then be supplied to generate the accurate quantities required and quotes, factoring in material wastage, and establishing what stock needs to be purchased or reserved. Once the template is in place, quotes will adjust as stock and staff charges increase, as well as factor in other costs.

Full integration with Ingenico Credit Card Terminals including USB, Network and Wireless.

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