EaseSuite is our all-in-one integrated software platform, which is aimed at the industrial/services industry including engineering, construction and hire activity.

The application includes the following modules, which are optional and can be mixed & matched:

Stock controlFull store activity including details stock control / quantity tracking, stock taking, price book with markup rules, cataloguing with tablet support for portability & taking images, extensive search features.
PurchasingSolving common logistical issue from keeping track of drips & drabs order receiving, customer reservations/allocation and intermittent/full sales order creation, 3rd party freight, and a range variety of other eventualities. 
SalesSales order or picking list (for temporary stock removal i.e. checking out parts which may be returned if not required), direct Sage invoice creation, sales counter with payment receiving via integrated card machine or cash drawer.
Equipment & Plant HireSimple to use plant hire with visual availability calendars and drag and drop support and pricing, with close integration with sales and job assignment if required.
Asset ManagementFrom plant/fleet vehicle or machine management to onsite customer assets. Manage servicing/testing, auditor friendly activity history from purchase through to decommission of assets.
Jobs & Staff TimesheetsRaise jobs, log staff time-sheets. A drag & drop staff resource planner helps keep everyone organised or reshuffle resources if required.

EaseSuite is a modern Windows desktop application with flexible multi-monitor support and tab style window browsing, that has a powerful array of constantly evolving features. It can integrate with Sage, Ingenico card terminals, barcode scanners and label printers, and offers extensive document scanning support down to the ability to highlight different regions of a PDF scan and attribute them to different items such as purchase/sales orders and jobs for example.

The main emphasis is ease-of-use whilst aiming to be a complete business system aimed at solving many common logistical issues. The application is visual with detailed dashboard and to-do lists, staff collaboration and workflow features to pass & progress items, imagery and colour-coded statuses throughout, easy template adjustment and stats & reports.

Contact us for a demo to see what EaseSuite could do for your business.

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