EC Sales Notes

An Excel add-on for submitting EC buyer sales notes to Marine Scotland.


Are you a fishing boat or seafood processor that is required to submit landing data (EC seller/buyer sales notes) online to Marine Scotland?

If so, this Excel add-in makes the process fast and easy by using a spreadsheet that allows you to list out landing data and submit. 

Once set up, from Excel you can simply highlight the rows you want to submit and click the Submit Sales Notes button to send them as a much faster alternative to using the online form submission system. 

No more multi-step online forms for each landing!

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Easy To Input

Save time by entering your landing information in table format in a long running list. You can take advantage of Excel's existing features to quickly copy & paste rows then make small adaptions for new entries, calculate prices from weights and perform look-ups. The add-on comes with initial installation & training included to get you up and running.

Submit In A Couple Of Clicks

Fast and easy to submit, simply select the rows you want to submit from the left, then click Submit Sales Notes. The add-in checks required information has been complete before sending it through then add the submitted date/time to the spreadsheet against each row for reference. Receipts are received by email and you can also see your submissions online.


Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010 or 2013.

Operating System(s): Microsoft Windows 7, 8 or 10.

*Not compatible with Windows XP or Office versions prior to 2007.

We can also integrate with Sage or QuickBooks to import purchase orders onto the spreadsheet.



Includes add-on, spreadsheet, initial installation for 1 PC and Marine Scotland integration approval process (per customer).

Sage or QuickBooks integration quoted separately.

Any queries or for more information please contact us.