A New Financial Year and a Change in Direction

A New Financial Year and a Change in Direction

As we enter the next financial year (April onward for us, 2016 to 2017), this year is going to see a change in direction for us as a business.

We'll be taking on no new bespoke commissions this year, with the time already having been allocated for the few longer term systems we're producing. Instead we'll be concentrating on the internal product building of several applications for wider resale. Existing customers will of course get support and be able to request features as usual for their systems.

Providing bespoke solutions has been great, but there comes a time in every developers life where they want to focus on evolving products into something special, with one or more sizeable and feature-rich offerings that have the potential to market lead. And that is the direction we now want to head.

Building systems from scratch each time is also tremendously difficult and energy consuming, and from a revenue perspective meant we've been a purely time-based business when it comes to billing. So it makes sense for us to: build once and be able to sell many times, take the pressure off queued up projects and constant development work, sell to a wider audience at reduced prices, and evolve software further than we otherwise would with bespoke systems, which are largely built to satisfy customer needs rather than the market.

We're not going to reveal yet the systems we're working on, this will come on their release with relevant marketing.

Posted on 21st April 2016 in News

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