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Bespoke Business Apps

Looking for a custom software development to help your business?

Excessive paperwork? Want to improve/speed up/simplify office processes? Keep track of information more effectively? Replace an aging system?

We design and develop professional custom-made software for businesses to effectively achieve these goals.



Why choose a bespoke software system?

Bespoke or purpose built software is a way of getting a computer program developed that specifically fits your business. Elements of the business can be incorporated into the software and fine-tuned to speed up a variety of tasks by:

Software exists for almost all businesses but quite often it doesn't do everything required or fit working practices. There is also usually little chance of getting it changed with any shortcomings having to be picked up by staff. This is where bespoke software is beneficial.

Although it can be a more expensive route, a bespoke software system can pay for itself quite quickly through operational efficiencies and staff time savings achieved, providing an excellent return on investment. Day-to-day operations become more simpler, systems encourage a more proactive enter as you go approach, and automation of routine and repetitive admin work often reduces workloads and scope for error significantly. This helps staff to be better utilised with less time spent on menial tasks, and for management there is better visibility of operations with statistics conveying up to the minute information to gauge exactly where the business is at. Changes can be requested at any time and new features added on demand.

Our custom accounts system saves us a lot of time, and 30+ reports offer excellent visibility. Liz Leslie, Ness Engineering


Our approach is to spend time with companies and staff to get a feel for what they're doing, identifying what tasks consume the most time and any specific challenges the business faces. Often process analysis and improvement is carried out first to identify key tasks along with staff roles. We then come up with a design proposal from the feedback obtained and put forward ideas to help achieve specific goals. If all agreed, work starts on building a software system that can be used by as many staff as required.

We always recommend starting small, perhaps by tackling the more timely operations first, then incorporating other elements of the business as necessary.

See our case studies to view past project examples and some of the clients we work with.

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