L & M Engineering

L&M engineering

L&M engineering use a trusted Microsoft Access database for stock pricing and purchase orders, which has evolved over many years.

This project involved adding some useful enhancements to this familiar system.

  • The ability to create realtime sales orders was added. This worked alongside an already familiar stock search, allowing orders to be produced and calculated quickly at the counter for customers in just a few clicks, generating a printed advice note (previously handwritten).
  • Sage integration was added, which allows invoices to be raised directly in Sage from a sales order in a single click. At the end of the week, office staff can simply select and print off the invoices raised, instead of having to type them all up first.
  • Various other database tweaks and enhancements to improve operation.

With busy sales, this will add significant admin time savings and process improvement.

  • A high speed document scanner was recommended and database extented to allow quick bulk document scanning and association with records for later viewing, offering improved archiving and retrieval, especially in confined office space!
  • A label printer was installed to allow quick printing of PO details for attaching to items, removing a cumbersome handwritten task.

Posted on 26th September 2013 in Case Study